I have a Dell Latitude with Windows 7.

When I press ALT-TAB to switch applications, I always see an application that has a "green download" icon:

enter image description here

When I select it, a little gray rectangle appears in the upper left corner of my screen:

enter image description here

In Task-Manager/Applications this application doesn't show up, and in Task-Manager/Processes I can't find a process that seems to identify it.

I believe this is something from Dell, like some kind of update manager but am not sure.

Does anyone recognize this icon, know what it is, know how to kill or deinstall it?


It is Dell Backup Tool. Look for the icon in the system tray and right click to close it.

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Try launching Microsoft / Sysinternals Process Explorer, (Optional: then click File > Show Details for All Processes, then bring up your grey box and click/drag the Process Explorer Find Target button.

enter image description here

Drag it to the box and see what process it belongs to.

Alternatively, hunt down the list for that icon!

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Perhaps you can move the window as follows? If you can move it onto your screen, it'll be much easier to handle.

  • Bring the window into focus using Alt+Tab.
  • Type Alt+Spacebar to open the window menu (you won't see it).
  • Type m to select the menu item "move".
  • Press the down/right arrow keys, possibly repeatedly, to move the window.

You can "practice" this with another (non-maximized) window. Are you able to move the mystical window too? If yes, you can now see what it is. If not, this answer regrets to be unable to help you.

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