How can I remove the Apple Logo at the Login Screen in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?

Also, how can I remove the brightening effect upon the wallpaper? I want to change it to my own, but the brightening effect renders it less than perfect.

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The logo is located at


appleLinen.png is also there; I forget which one. Replace them with images w/o anything in them to rid the screen of the logo.

The wallpaper is located at


It's a repeating image, so dimensions ought to be the same as your screen and at 72 dpi.

As to the brightening effect, as far as I know, no-one has been able to get rid of it (I personally spent a while searching the System files for something like it); so it may be drawn programmatically. Take a look at this Ask Different Question.


Or you can use Loginox to change/remove the Apple logo from Logon Screen


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Do you have FileVault enabled? Because that can cause some problems when customizing the login logo. Here's a guide someone created on how to change the logo when you have FileVault 2 enabled.

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