To clarify, say I have an image that is 100px wide and 50px high and I want to make it 50px x 50px, by removing columns from the MIDDLE of the image. i.e. I want to keep the left side of the image, and keep the right side, but remove the middle. I do not want to scale the image in any way. The image is a PNG, with transparent areas.

I'm not very used to GIMP, so be gentle :)

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    You could just create a new image the target size, and use GIMP to crop two copies of the original by leaving only the left-most and right-most 25 pixels. Then, just put them in the new 50x50 image. – Breakthrough Aug 15 '11 at 18:50

I daresay you might be able to automate this with Imagemagick as it has command line options to extract sections of images - see examples here:


See: Chop, removing rows, columns and edges


One way is:

  • Make a 50x50 image (new image, any fill)
  • Open your source and select the left 25px area
  • Click back to your new image, paste and position to left side
  • Go select the right 25 px area, switch and paste, position to right side
  • flatten the new image

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