My ergonomic keyboard does not have a specific button for right clicking. Looks like the Windows key has been combined with the right-click button. But I don't know how click it so it works like right-click mouse button.

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You might need to either toggle or hold an "Fn" key somewhere on the keyboard. Look in the lower left corner (near left-ctrl) or in the upper right, to the right of your F12 key. Then, try holding the Fn key and pressing the Windows key.


You can always use SHIFT + F10 to access context menus in Windows, even if your keyboard doesn't have a dedicated key or if the key doesn't work as expected. As noted by @jcrawfordor you could look for an Fn key, but that's unlikely on a desktop keyboard. Another option is to try ALT-GR + WIN to access the context menu function on your windows key.

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