On my laptop I have an eSATA port. And I also have a SATA → eSATA cable.

I know that simply using that cable would never work as the SATA disks require an additional power cable. The question is: How are those eSATA ports supposed to work?

Where can I get the power cable? Or do actually I need special eSATA drives?

I tried to find eSATA disks and wasn't able to find them.

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You'd need to get a hard drive dock that is compatible with eSATA. This one is an example of one that connects with both eSATA and USB but just google for eSATA dock and you'll get plenty of options.

If you want a prebuilt solution rather than using a drive you already have I found some by just googling esata drive here's one example.


You will need a e-sata case. I search for some options and find here and here. It will depend on the form factor of your sata disk drive(3,5 or 2,5')

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