How can I install Rabbit SVN in Fedora? Once installed, what are the steps involved in using it in Fedora?

  • As for steps involved in using it, we probably need to know what you want to do with it. – Chad Feller Aug 26 '11 at 21:46

I assume you are talking about RabbitVCS, which handles SVN. As for installing it, it is in the standard Fedora repos. Just do a :

yum install rabbitvcs-svn

or a:

yum install rabbitvcs*

which will install all RabbitVCS components.

If you only want select packages, a yum search rabbitvcs will show you what is available.


As explained here, for Fedora 22 (haven't tried others) you will also have to install another package:

sudo dnf install python-simplejson

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