I know there are TiddlyWiki but I need one which stores HTML or even .txt files.

I want to use this Wiki like a personal blog, i want to log my life (probably cringy to you) and things I've done, programmed etc.

I want to be abled to carry this wiki on my USB so I can just plug into any computer and wiki away.

  • You might find something in this previous Q&A: superuser.com/questions/37619/personal-wiki-on-usb-the-cloud
    – Linker3000
    Aug 26, 2011 at 18:46
  • tiddlywiki does store itself locally using html files, is there some feature that it is lacking?
    – Mokubai
    Aug 26, 2011 at 18:50
  • I already did a search but didn't find anything (for me). And that was posted in 2009 so there might be new apps which I haven't been able to find for myself. :) @Mokubai Tiddlywiki is just a big mess for me, opens everything on same page and can't seem to get hang of it. I don't like the usablity of it.
    – orange
    Aug 26, 2011 at 18:52

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I have searched under the similar situation and tested TiddlyWiki. However, it doesn't my needs so that I develop Juli. While Juli is still evolving, I found http://ikiwiki.info/ , this also may be a good for you.


I've been looking around and I have found Wiki On A Stick which appears to be a simple downloadable browser-based Wiki that modifies it's own files.

One feature I like the look of is that it claims to support AES 256 encryption of pages so while it is stored on a memory stick your individual posts could be well protected. Potentially a plus if you are keeping personal data in there.


Zim Desktop Wiki deserves your consideration, I have used it for almost one year, and find it simple, flexible and reliable.

  1. It does store wiki notes in .txt file format.
  2. It make use of Windows/Linux directory as namespace.
  3. You can export one page or the whole wiki to static html files.
  4. It does have a Portable Version for Windows.

You may consider Fossil.

Although is is primarily a version control systems it also includes a simple Wiki. You can keep the files external as plain html files (with simple wiki-markup) or store the files within a single (data)file.

The most charming aspect: it is only a single executable of about 1 MB that includes everything you need (webserver, SQLite database, wiki-server). There is no need to install anything, just run the executable. Period.

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