The problem:

I have Windows installed, i wanted to install ubuntu too, but when i go to the installer, it doesn't see the existing partitions, it shows the whole 500GB of the hard drive as free space and it wants to install ubuntu on the whole hardrive.

The background:

I have changed the original hard drive of my laptop with one that came from a mac, i formatted it and installed windows there.

Now what?

I am suspecting some issue related to MBR (and GPT?), but what should i do? All i want is a dual boot win and ubuntu. Another smaller hint that is puzzling me for a while is that while i am on windows, i get the option to unmount except from any other portable hard drive or USB, the C as well! I never tried it though...


I had that issue once. I was told to try another CD because there was probably a problem with gparted. Didn't work so I just manually made another partition at the "end" of the hard drive and prayed it wouldn't eat into my files. It worked.

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