I would like to synchronize my Android device with my desktop computer which runs Ubuntu. The following data needs to be synchronized (listed in the priority descending order):

  1. Calendar
  2. Tasks
  3. Email
  4. Contacts

The main problem is to synchronize it locally, I don't use Google Contacts or Gmail.

It is not a problem for me to switch form Thunderbird to any other opensource PIM application (e.g. Evolution).

Is this possible?


First I would use an IMAP mail account - provided by your own mail server or any other mail provider you trust.

Then you can set-up Sync Kolab in Thunderbird which synchronizes your contacts and calendar using a folder in the IMAP account. On Android side you can use the app Kolab-android. AFAIK it isn't available in the market therefore you have to allow 3rd party software sources and then install the apk manually.


Funambol (formerly sync4j) seems to be an excellent project. I am just installing it now. There is a Linux server and an Android client.


The open-source version of Zimbra has a nice mobile client - it works well with my Android smartphone (the interface is touch screen-customized). Zimbra itself has email, contacts, tasks and calendar, which are all can be viewed through the desktop and the mobile client.

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