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I am currently in Windows and was wondering if there is any way I could mount my Linux partition, so I can access and transfer files? The file system is ext4


You need a driver to mount an ext2 partition, like this one (not sure if this one will work on Win 7, it isn't specified, if that is important).

EDIT: to reflect slhck's comment, this will only work if you are using ext2fs/ext3fs, I can update with other options if this is not what you are using.

EDIT2: This one will work on Ext2,3,4 (0.50 and up for ext4) and will run on all modern Windows versions

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You can try one of the installable file system drivers like this

Edit: In regards to using ext4. It looks like there is a patche for the ext2 reader

This will be read only access. And I see I'm still too slow ;)

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