I have a word template that is one page long. It is used for letters. Now if I create a letter of more than one page - let's say 3 pages - and try to print it such that both sides of the paper are used, word prints the first page on its own and then prints the 2nd and 3rd page on the same piece of paper. If I print a two-sided letter word just prints each page on one piece of paper. If I don't use the template, double sided printing works just fine.

I googled around for someone with a similar problem but I couldn't find anything similar. Do you have any ideas?

EDIT: I found the problem. The first page was set to come from a different paper source than the rest.


Do your printer driver options include a page order setting (see below)? See what happens when you reverse this.

enter image description here


Has the second page been set to print on the left hand page?. See "Layout", "Section Start" "Odd Page"

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