I use a HueyPRO for monitor calibration and use it on my Macs. After calibrating my monitor, I roll through all the other profiles available. Some profiles produce VERY different colors and I'm thinking to myself, "Which profile is showing me the correct colors?"

I was thinking about using some kind of reference card (like the X-Rite ColorChecker Chart) to verify which profile is the correct one. However, no reviews or tutorials mention using color reference cards for monitor calibration verification.

To me, it would make sense to hold the color reference card up to my monitor and compare them to see if the colors match up.

Is my thinking correct?


Perception of colors will vary some from projected light (the LCD) than reflected light (a printed card). They will have different brightnesses, and the LCD emits powerful enough to compensate for your "house" lights.

I definitely think an electronic tool will be far more accurate than the human eye.

  • +1: The human eye is one of the poorest tools for color calibration. . . – surfasb Aug 31 '11 at 2:35

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