What's a good program to burn an iso file that contains an AUDIO_TS AND VIDEO_TS folder into a watchable DVD that a DVD player should handle.

I tried using ImgBurn but that didn't work. Thanks.

  • Have yu any Image reader software like Daemon, Magic ISO which can mount the .iso image? – avirk Sep 1 '11 at 3:48

If you have a valid ISO file, you should have no problem burning it regardless of the contents.

OS X and Ubuntu come with ISO burning software. With Windows, it depends on which version you have. Windows 7 can also natively burn ISO files, while prior versions needed additional software. If you Google for "Windows ISO Burners", there will be many results for decent software. I've personally used Active ISO Burner, it's free and simple to use.


You might find my program helpful, as well as CD-R Tools Front-end.

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