I really like the new conversation view in Outlook 2010. But I'm struggling with an issue.

On my companies social network site, it will send out email messages with a subject formatted like so "[Some Group] Some Subject". When someone replies, the reply subject will be formatted "[Some Group] Re: Some Subject"

Unfortunately, Outlook does not recognize them as being the same conversation. This is because the Re: comes after the square brackets instead of being at the beginning of the subject. Is there a way to put a regex or something into Outlook 2010 to tell it that those subjects are a part of the same conversation?


Unfortunately, you cannot change the conversation view settings. Your best bet is to have Outlook run a VBA macro when it recieves similar mail.

  • Can you elaborate? Is there an API for grouping conversations? – Ross Rogers Apr 26 '13 at 23:24

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