Outlook 2010 randomly truncates my outgoing messages, usually just sending the first few lines and then nothing more.

I've recently re-built my Sony Vaio (new hard drive) with Windows 7 and Office 2010. I've created a new .pst folder and imported data from old one. I've deleted and built a new profile. I reboot. Same problem.

Outlook is setup for IMAP with my ISP using CommuniGate Pro. This installation is new, too. Files in my Sent folder are truncated just like the ones sent so I'm thinking this is on my side and not ISP side.

Attachments always go fine!

I've turned on logging and rename the file as soon as one of these truncated messages happens, but I'm not able parse the text enough to figure it out.

I've used Outlook since it came out with all the intervening versions and never had this problem before. Of course having just a few lines of a business email go out is enough to make me want to move to some other email client! But I'd rather figure this out and stay with Outlook of course.

  • Try it with a different mail client. Try it with a different computer with Outlook. Try it with a different login on the computer. Make sure you don't have an anti-virus running that scans your outgoing mail. Then tell us what happened. – user3463 Sep 6 '11 at 6:24
  • There is another computer on this little home network and it's running Outlook 2007 and it works fine. I am the only user of this computer and so there is no login. I don't have any anti-virus program installed. Yesterday most emails were truncated - today, none were! For a bit, turning on logging seemed to tame the problem, but that was short-lived. I have three logs that include one of these truncated problems at the end of the file but I can't understand the log. Thanks for your kindness in helping me figure this out! – Smokey Forester Sep 6 '11 at 23:37
  • If it's working fine today, but wasn't yesterday, I'd blame the server. – user3463 Sep 7 '11 at 0:09
  • I understand your point. But it's been going on for weeks now - sometimes OK and sometimes not. I've asked ISP if it could be the problem and of course it says no. My reasoning that it's on my end is that the Sent folder version of the message is truncated as well - so it's not that I have the full version and the truncated one goes out. Have you ever heard of this issue before? In all my years with Outlook, this has never happened to me until the last month. It's obviously driving me crazy to have random incomplete messages going out. Thanks and hoping for more ideas! – Smokey Forester Sep 7 '11 at 4:30
  • 1
    Just mentioning to my ISP that I was about to use WireShark got enough attention to kick this issue up a notch and to ask for the Outlook logs that have been running during some of these truncated messages, so I thank you for the ammunition! Thanks a lot! – Smokey Forester Sep 9 '11 at 20:40

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