I need to send an e-mail with screenshots in PNG format without losing the quality of the screenshots.

Outlook 2003 and 2010 converts the images copied from Word to jpg - and image quality is thus lost.

Thunderbird does the same thing.

I have tried different ways, but nothing seems to be working perfectly.

I am ready to write the message in pure html, attach png files (to have full control of the message and the images) - but Outlook does not give such possibility.

What is the best way to create an html e-mail with images and send it without losing image quality?


What about copying out the image into (some graphic application) irfanview and saving it as PNG, and THEN attaching the file into your letter?


The simple and short answer is: Make sure your images are saved as 96dpi. Read more here: http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/unsharpimages.htm

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