I noticed that if I had Safari open in say, Space 1, I would be sent back to Space 1 if I tried to open Safari in any other space. Now I know that I can open multiple windows of Safari in Space 1 and then just move the windows manually, but is there an easy way to open an already opened program in a new Space?

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The default Spaces behavior, when switching applications, is to switch back to a space if that space already has open windows for that application. This is basically what you've described: If you already have a Safari window open in Space 1, switching to Safari will move you back to Space 1.

To disable this behavior, go to System Preferences -> Exposé and Spaces, select the Spaces tab, and deselect "When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application".


RIght-click on Safari in the Dock and select New Window.


I just deselected this checkbox on system pref's and it still moves to a space with an open document. For instance, I work with a lot of excel spreadsheets. I will have several projects open in different spaces that consist of a browser, word document and a few spreadsheets. When arranging a new space for another project, i will utilize spotlight to open the documents. But, every time, it will jump to the nearest space with an open excel sheet before it opens the one found in spotlight. I unchecked the box, and, no change..... Hmmmm.

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