How can I disable that annoying buzzer sound in OSX Lion that I get when, for example, I'm at the terminal and press delete on an empty line?

I tried to modify the sound settings by unchecking "Play user interface sound effects" but it didn't work.

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Well, almost. What you want to disable is the "Alert sound", or an audible bell. You can disable it by turning down the Alert volume.

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Turning off the Alert Volume in Sound Preferences is very easy; the only drawback is that it will silence other system sounds as well, for example file deletion, trash-emptying.

A slightly harder approach is to use an app (for example the free app Audacity) to create an empty or silent sound and export it as Silence.aiff to the /System/Library/Sounds folder. Restart preferences and now you can select "Silence" as your alert sound. Or maybe try googling for silent aiff.


You can also disable this via Terminal.

defaults write "Apple Global Domain" com.apple.sound.uiaudio.enabled -int 0

Which worked for me on 10.13.6

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