According to this page the keyboard shortcut to open the Spotlight menu in OS X is CmdSpace.

However, I am using a japanese macbook pro. When I press CmdSpace the language input mode changes (switching between latin characters, japanese hiragana, japanese katakana).

How can I set the shortcut CmdSpace to open the Spotlight menu ?


In System Preferences > Keyboard, select Keyboard and Text Input on the left and un-check Select previous input source on the right.

You may also want to uncheck the Select next source in Input menu item to enable ⌘⌥ Space (Command-Option-Space) as the Spotlight-in-Finder shortcut.

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  • Sorry CajunLuke, but unchecking this settings does not focus the Spotlight search menu. Instead, at best nothing happens, and from Finder a window opens with the message "No Items Selected". – wip Oct 9 '11 at 5:55

I found the keyboard shortcut that actually activates the Spotlight search bar on my computer. It was CTRL+Spacebar.

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Go to System Preferences → Input Sources → Keyboard → Spotlight → Check the spotlight menu keyboard shortcut → Double click the existing shortcut (cmd + space) → Change it to the shortcut key you prefer

For language switch, I use cmd + Space For spotlight, I use Ctrl + Space


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