I am using Okular in Ubuntu 11.04 as it has support to annotations and is faster to do a quick find across large documents. The annotations are not stored in the document, but are stored as metadata in some folder. I would like to know where Okular stores the metadata, so that I can create a symlink in Dropbox so that my annotations to the PDF are automatically backed up.

The answer to the below query mentions the location of the metadata in KDE, but I am using GNOME.

Where does okular store it's metadata


Update (thanks to @fifaltra for pointing me to it, see the comments)

The new annotation place is:


they were previously stored by default in xml files located in


or better

$(kde4-config --localprefix)/share/apps/okular/docdata/

regardless of the fact you're using gnome or not.

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    For newer systems, see askubuntu.com/q/942748/231418 – fifaltra Feb 23 '18 at 13:10
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    If you see the link above (user60381's answer), you will find out that for newer systems, the annotations seem to be in the PDF itself, rather than in the xml at ~/.local/share/okular. – Homero Esmeraldo Jun 18 '19 at 18:38

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