How do I convert a monospace True Type font to a BDF font with 14x28 (or 14x30) characters?

My first thought was to use FontForge, but for some reason, when I open a True Type font:

  • if I try to "Generate Fonts", it won't let me select any bitmap font formats, and
  • there is no "export" option under the "file" menu (they claim otherwise), and
  • if I "save as" and change the file extension, I don't get a BDF font ... just a TTF font with a BDF extension.

I am using FontForge version: 23:48 GMT 23-Sep-2009 which I retrieved from the OpenSUSE repositories.

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Have you tried ttf2bdf It looks like it's in the "freetype-tools" package for SuSE. Not sure which version you're running. It might be worth giving a shot. If fontforge will let you open an existing .bdf, you might be able to resize it after conversion.


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