I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my system. I don't have any Internet connection to the system.

How can I install various packages? Is there a package collection available as CD/DVD (which I can download)?

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Unlike debian, which has a set of disks that covers everything, for an offline install on ubuntu, you'll probably need to snarf the packages you need off the repositories for your version from packages.ubuntu.com. Remember to grab the prerequisites too, and install the prerequisites first, then the software using dpkg

If you don't mind a little more setup, but want something less annoying to do, and graphical- try using keryx - You install keryx on the system you want to update (so it can make a list of packages), and you can run an agent on another windows or linux box to download the packages you want to install and update to a USB key for install to the offline system

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    keryx will not support Ubuntu 11.04 now. – Vinod Sep 18 '11 at 6:47

This (archived form of a now-defunct website) may help you using apt-get install with the -o option


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