I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 running Windows XP. I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7, but it tells me I first need to update my BIOS.

I downloaded the BIOS file and have tried running it, but it gives me an error saying that I need to plug in my AC adapter and battery before running the update; both seem to be fine. I have also gone into the command line and used /forceit /nopause /forcetype in different combinations but none work to skip this problem.

I can't write to a floppy disk as some people have recommended, because my laptop doesn't have a floppy disk drive. Dell customer support ends after the two year warranty so I am desperate to try to find help on fixing this update problem. Any suggestions?


You can use a floppy image to make a bootable dos CD, all you do is add the Dell MM061A17.exe to the floppy image and then convert to CD image. Boot from the Cd, this will put you at the DOS A prompt, then type MM061A17.exe and hit enter.

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