I have a meeting with a professor coming up shortly, but he won't be at school for a face-to-face meeting. Instead he will meet with me via Skype and an SSH login. I'm a heavy user of GNU Screen, but I've never used its multiuser functionality before. How would I go about setting up multiuser capabilities, and what would be good permissions to give him (i.e. r/w/x)?

  • AFAIK, for multi user, screen has be installed setuid root, which now a days no administrators like. my information may be dated, since I don't see an essential need for it to be setuid. – vrdhn Feb 2 '09 at 1:55

Good tutorial here. See this part of the GNU screen manual on how to set ACL permissions. Give him whatever permission you think he needs, though I don't think you'd need to change it from the default that's given by acladd.

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Inside your own screen session do the following (I am bob and want to share my screen with fred)

^A :multiuser on
^A :acladd fred

then tell fred to type:

$ screen -x bob/

screen has to be installed as suid root for this to work. (sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/screen, this could be a security risk)

there is more information about the acl-syntax on the screen man page - it is possible to share a screen session read only, for example

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