When i install Google chrome extensions "Page Speed " it is saying that it can access all the data in my computer and can access all data of websites am visiting.

Is it a threat?

Can this extension or addon can get all data or username and password that i am using.

These type of addons of mozilla or chrome have any type of security threat


It's usually safe. You shouldn't install extensions from unreliable sources though.

Chrome restricts extensions from using potentially powerful features, unless the extension has explicitly requested the permissions in a file called manifest.json. Many features are grouped, and permissions for a specific function cannot be requested without getting the whole pack of functions (for that group). Hence many extensions need "Access to all browser data" (or something similar).

See here for a full list of permissions.

  • +1 Key point here is to look at the link @Rob has provided and understand it. Also, here is a more user-friendly (as opposed to dev-friendly) description of permissions.
    – neocotic
    Sep 29 '11 at 7:53

Alternatively, you could install the extension (possibly in a VM), navigate to chrome://extensions/, enable "Developer mode". This will enable an "Inspect popup" menu option and allow you to browse the source code. Best of luck.

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