I have a little problem. I have the need to make Windows save files to the slave hard drive by default. By that i mean that there is some programs that save their data automatically to the hard drive, and by default the hard drive would be the master. I need to change that. Let's say that when i save a file on the desktop, the file will be saved on the slave HD but seen in the desktop anyway. Is this possible to do?

  • By "master" do you mean the boot drive, the one on which the operating system is installed? And by "slave" do you mean a secondary drive? As written, all you need to do is install Windows to the slave drive (or reverse the positions of the drives) and all will be well. – Harry Johnston Sep 29 '11 at 22:18

In Windows 7, you can try editing the locations on your "Documents" library, just right click on the library and select Properties.

In the list of locations you can add a new directory located on your slave drive and choose this directory as the default for saving.

Most recent applications will use this data for choosing where to save the files.


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