I'm running Windows XP SP3, and was wondering if Windows allows adding shortcuts in the "Save As" dialog, in addition to the standard folders (My Recent Documents, Desktop, etc.)?

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Since I happen to save my files in C:\Work, I have to navigate to that folder every time I save a new file, which is a bit cumbersome.


This article on PCWorld might help: Customize File Open and Save Dialog Boxes. MoishePippik's comment at the end of the article is also helpful.

  • Thanks guys. TweakUI did the trick, although it's limited to 5 locations. If you need more, FileBox eXtender (www.hyperionics.com/files/) has more. – OverTheRainbow Sep 30 '11 at 12:24

As shown in the PICTURE

This is called "Places" the simplest way to edit places is to aquire the program TweakUI from a legitimate source , like microsoft itself. It is a "Power Toy" . I cant get to it now in W7, but you should be able to find the places in there quick enough. it is in "Common Dialogs" "Places Bar"

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/windows-xp (halfway down the page)

TweakUI does not actually have to be installed , it will potentially run as a single executable, making it very simple, although it comes in a proper installation package, making it a bigger pain than it has to be . :-)

TweakUi is so quick to edit some things, I could hop in and change it to directories I was using during a session.

Places can easily be changed in the registry also, if you want to know the locations just ask.

TweakUI does not function properly under windows 7


You can also download DirectFolders from the makers of Teracopy.


Here is a better alternative

How to Customize Default Places Bar in Windows Common Open File Dialog Boxes

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Open the folder you want to save as a shortcut, then move your mouse into the save as box (on the left), right click, the folder will appear for you to add

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