I have a 6 GB Outlook file that won't load in Outlook any more. I am not sure what recovery options I have available. I downloaded one recovery tool demo which shows some but not all mail messages.

Are there any tools that have worked for you? Can I import the PST files directly into another software?

EDIT: I have tried scanpst quite a few times but it fails to recover the file.


Have you tried SCANPST.exe - its part of the office install and is used to recover corrupt PST's Sometimes known as the inbox repair tool The common install path is

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12


See the official Microsoft page for some more info on this and a possible solution using Outlook 2007:


There's also a bunch of free/commercial tools for splitting PST files, e.g:


  • The PST file splitter should come in very handy! At least now I can divide and conquer.
    – aleemb
    May 21 '09 at 12:17

Always try ScanPst.exe first, but it doesn't always mange to recover the PST.

At this point you are left with a vast array of commercial options starting at around $70, I've had success with recoverytoolbox.com

But your experience will obviously vary. The recovery process will take a LONG time (5-10 hours) due to the size of your PST file - in the future you may consider archiving it to make maintenance on the file quicker!

PS Since 2003 the maximum size for a .pst is 20GB

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