I like to use the Draw feature in OneNote to highlight portions of text, draw dividing lines between sections of text, draw arrows that point to words, etc.

The problem is that these graphics are not anchored to the text. If you insert text, the graphics do not move with the text they were originally draw next to.

I have tried finding a way to anchor the graphics, but I have not been able to. Is it possible to anchor graphics, and if so, how?


I thought they would let you group it together, but I must be confusing myself with Word

Your best bet is to cut and paste the drawing in to the text container as a picture.


This is what you got to do:

  1. Do the drawing, any
  2. Group the whole thing
  3. Copy and paste it again somewhere else in the page, just press the keys, don't click anywhere else in the doc
  4. Press Enter (once or twice)
  5. This will enclose the Drawing in a text bubble/square whatever you wanna call it
  6. Now copy the drawing again
  7. Paste it wherever you want inside the paragraph you are working on
  8. Now it's anchored inline with the text
  • How do I "group the whole thing"? When I select the graphics, I do not see any "Group" option in the context menu (I see Cut, Copy, Delete, Order, Rotate, and Treat Selected Ink As. – Jay Elston Jul 12 '18 at 22:48

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