I am looking for something similiar to Free tool like Snagit which can capture scrolling Window? and Free Windows software for full-screen (including scrolling) screenshots, but also capable of including other components in the browser window itself in the same screenshot.

Note: I am specifically interested in the title bar and address bar for Internet Explorer (in the case of browser-specific solutions)


No luck here. PicPick, FireShot, DuckCapture, etc are all free options that capture scrolling windows but none of them capture the URL/Title bar at the same time.


For free software would suggest you the same what @Dan the Man told you, but if you want a browser specific plugin, you can make use of plugins like Capture Fox or Screen Grab, or if you're willing to buy a software, you should go for Microfoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate. It has everything you need.


A screen recorder would do just that. If you know how to edit video it should work just fine. Here is a free one.

  • This is not good enough, please refer to the questions that I referenced to get a better idea of what I am looking for. – prusswan Oct 5 '11 at 23:58

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