I am trying to install Datastage Client 8.5 on Windows 7 x64 and getting the below error:

com.ibm.is.install.exception.ActionException: CDIIN5032E: Exception caught by ExecuteProcessAction.:

CDIIN5106I: Details:
InstallAction (_id = install.xmeta.client, _installUnitModelId = ISFNode)

Can someone help me to resolve this problem?


The error derives from the fact that a component cannot install because another component does not exist. The component location is


The install program cannot write a new \xmeta\client\bin because it believes there is one there already.

To resolve this you have to delete all occurrences of any previous installs. So before you run another install:

  1. Delete \IBM\InformationServer folder
  2. Delete entries in the registry.
    1. If you have Windows 7 then click on windows icon then click on Run...
    2. Type regedit which will open up the registry
    3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ then delete the \IBM folder which will delete all the subfolders.
    4. Next locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software then delete \IBM folder which will delete all the subfolders.
  3. This is optional but I restarted the server.
  4. This allows you to perform a complete client install.
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I just encountered this error today and after several tests I found that the error depends on the directory where 'is-client' is for installing IIS.

With c:\$user the error appears but from c:\temp, installation worked fine.

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