I always have Sticky Keys on but when when the right-side Ctrl key kept working on and off I decided to restart the computer. Now, I have to keep checking whether Sticky Keys is on because a few minutes after I turn on Sticky Keys the beep-sound that's supposed to be heard when pressing a Sticky Key disappears but the Sticky Keys function is still working but silently. But now I never know whether it's on or off...what is going on?

Other thing is ever since the Sticky Keys started having the non-beeping problem keyboard shortcuts aren't working. For example, before Win key + Up arrow = maximizes current window but now it doesn't work.

Win 7 64-bit.

  • Go to Start->Control Panel->Ease of Access.
  • In the Ease of Access Center, you should see an option to "Change how your keyboard works", click this.
  • Once you are on the next "screen', you should see an option to "Set up Sticky Keys", click this.
  • Under Keyboard Shortcut, you should see a checkbox for "Make a sound when turning setting on or off"

You can also get to this menu by hitting your sticky key 5 times and then click the link "Go to the Ease of Access Center to disable the keyboard shortcut"

  • I already have all the boxes checked. What should I do? – verve Oct 7 '11 at 16:31

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