Is there a way to make an action of pre-made adjustments layers? I have about 10 adjustment layers set with different blending modes and opacities (basic stuff, no masks etc), but would rather not go through the process of re-configuring these adjustments for when I create this action. Would rather have it as an action command rather than copying the layers from a other psd.

I wasn't planning on making an action, but the adjustments work well across multiple photos. Hopefully I haven't made a tedious mistake...


Yes you can.

How to make action: http://www.dpandi.com/actions/index.html


  • Start recording the Action.
  • Make Adjustment layer ( or Image Adjustment ) - Just as you normally would.
  • Stop recording the action and you're done.

I would say Most Adjustment Layers do have the ability to save the settings and in that case, I think it doesn't take too much time to load saved settings.. So it might be good idea to utilize that feature. Save and Load buttons, if available can be found on the right side of the Adjustment Layer window and works just as you would expect.

At least in some versions Channel Mixer and Black & White have the Save and load next to Preset dropdownlist on the right in a little icon.

  • Wow thanks, didn't even realize you could save the settings for Black & white and Selective colour. Saved me a lot of time. Thanks again! – BenNZ Oct 10 '11 at 8:36

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