On an OS X server, I have some documents in /Users/me/Documents/here/

Permissions to /Users/me/Documents is set to drwxrwxr--.

Permissions to /Users/me/Documents/here is set to drwxrwxr-x.

I want to allow other users to access only the contents of here/ within Documents (so I don't have to copy the whole thing to my Public directory). For this I have tried

cd /Users/me/Public
ln -s /Users/me/Documents/here here

I can of course access here/ through my Public directory, but others users cannot. Is there a way to enable this while keeping everything else in /Users/me/Documents private?


Change permission on /Users/me/Documents to drwxrwx--x. Without the execute permission on a directory, you can not descend through it. But with read permission, you can list the files.

By using chmod 771 /Users/me/Documents, you'll let them descend through to here, but not be able to see the contents.

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