Are there loveshack python-mode (python.el) equivalents of

  • py-shell
  • py-execute-region
  • py-execute-class-or-def

that are available in python-mode.el?

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I'm not that familiar with either, but maybe these are equivalent:


Send the region to the inferior Python process.
May print a message, so only suitable for interactive use.


Send the region to the inferior Python process.
Then switch to the process buffer.


Send the current defun (class or method) to the inferior Python process.


Shell command to run Python interpreter.
Any arguments can't contain whitespace.
Note that IPython may not work properly;
it must at least be used with the `-cl' flag,
i.e. use `ipython -cl'.
Doesn't take full effect unless set through Custom.

Also check out 'gallina' python.el as mentioned here.

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All commands mentioned here are from python-mode.el. Loading shipped python.el does not unload them, nor does python-mode.el unload python.el commands. With one exception: as for major-mode, latest loaded will prevail and set its lighter.

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