How can use dir command to check how many .txt files there are in a folder (for example, C:\Temp\)?

dir c:\temp\*.txt

This gives you a summary of the number of files matching that particular wildcard.

dir c:\temp\*.txt | find "File(s)"

If you only want to see the count and don't want to see any of the filenames.


If you need the count of files in a Batch variable for further processing, you may get it this way:

set i=0
for %%a in (*.txt) do set /a i+=1

After the for the i variable have the number of .txt files.


You can use the following. Once it has finished you'll see a summary with a count of the total matches:

dir *.txt /w /s

At the command prompt, or in the batch script, type this:

dir|find /c ".txt"

This will get a list of all the txt files in the folder...

For ways to get a count of all types of files in a folder look here:



The perfect way to count the .txt files in a folder:

CD %UserProfile%\Desktop
DIR *.txt | FIND /c /i ".txt"
for /F %i IN ('dir /b ^| find /i "." /c') DO if %i EQU 69 echo "the same"
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