By doing

yum install vlc

I have installed the vlc player on my system. Now I want to know where the binary of vlc was installed. So what is the default path for installation in Fedora Linux?

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I suppose

which vlc

will do the trick if the path the file was installed is on the System Path.


This may be of help: Unix Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Most binaries are installed in /usr/bin, most libs in /usr/lib and most headers - in /usr/include.


Since you have installed vlc from a rpm package, you can use the rpm tool to query the database with information about all the installed packages:

$ rpm -ql vlc-core | grep '/vlc$'

although for this example, its a bit tricky since you have to know that the rpm package containing the binary it called vlc-core.


For bash there is a builtin command called type which will tell you what a command/alias really is:

$ type type
type is a shell builtin
$ alias t=type
$ type t
t is aliased to `type'
$ type vlc
vlc is /bin/vlc

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