I am seeking software to expand my English vocabulary. For example it can maybe let me add word - translation pairs and review them later.

I already have good electronic dictionary - Lingoes, but it doesn't have such function. So for now all my new English words (about 3000 of them) reside in the text file without translation :(

It should be preferably free. Duplicate word check or automatic review lessons would be nice.

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You can try anki, its a free (open source) flash card program. While not dedicated for translations/english studying its used to make flash card pairs (term+definition) that can then be printed or reviewed/tested on your PC.

  • I tried it out and it's pretty good. Not exactly what I wanted, but it proposes another way to do things: sometimes it's just easier to remember all those words than to manage gigantic list of them) – Zotov Oct 13 '11 at 14:06
  • I take my comment back: multiple decks, card duplicates detection, review system, tagging - all this seem to be in place. The more I use it, more awesome it seems. – Zotov Oct 23 '11 at 11:21

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