I work at home and am doing a lot more video conferencing than I used to. I also use a softphone on the computer for most of my phone calls as well. Particularly when video conferencing I would like to not wear a headset, or find an ultralight headset of good quality.

What are other home professionals using for non-headset video conferencing? I currently have a Logitech 9000 webcam. The video is just fine for our needs, but I don't think the mic cuts it. It also picks up sounds from my speakers. So I think this might be more than just replacing the mic, but also how to best place the mic and speakers to avoid echo. Someone thought that a Blue Yeti mic may be an improvement, but I'm worried about it picking up the sounds through the speakers.

So the question.. Good mic/speaker setup for headset free communications in a home office? What are you recommendations for equipment as well as placement.

Computer is a Mac.

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