I like to keep an eye on the updates coming in from Windows Update, so I have it set to notify me of updates but not install anything automatically. When I'm notified, I usually just select all of the updates and click install. Then the window hides itself, and a little balloon on the taskbar says Windows is updating and I can click it to view the progress.

I always want to view the progress and get annoyed that it hides the window every time. Can I turn off this auto-hide?


Ignore the notification icon, and manually startup the Windows Update program (e.g. from the All Programs list or Control Panel). You may have to first "check for updates". Select and then download & install the updates. The program window will not auto minimize.

  • I was hoping for a registry key or something so I could keep using the notification, but opening it manually when I see the notification will have to do. Thanks. – Guerrero Oct 15 '11 at 21:14

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