I have a remote SVN server that I'm required to upload our existing local repo to. There are a lot of revisions and doing it manually would be very time consuming. However, I've been faced with several roadblocks, all of which our system admins have told me "don't matter".

EDIT: To be clear, there is an existing, empty remote repository.

  • I would like to use 'svnadmin load' with a dump file but the repository is URL-only - no path. I have no access to the actual repository, which svnadmin requires, and the admins will not grant me access.

  • I had thought to use svnsync, but the admins will not enable the pre-revprop-change hook required for svnsync to work.

  • The server has a custom admin interface which does not have a load command, and the admins have not provided an alternative to load dumps.

What are my options here? I need a way to load a svn dump, or equivalent, without using svnadmin, without using svnsync, and with only URLs to access the repo.


What are my options here?

I would suggest the administrative actions to "stop the sabotage"

Techical solution

Subversion 1.7

svnrdump.exe help load

load: usage: svnrdump load URL

Load a 'dumpfile' given on stdin to a repository at remote URL.

If you cannot use svn 1.7 (locally), you can try trick with local repo (any version), DVCS-bridge (in order to get all changesets in DVCS-repo) and push to remote SVN-repo

In any case, you have to have sufficient rights in repo (user-password)

  • Thanks. I agree, the admins are clearly not familiar with SVN here! :D As for the advice on using svnrdump from SVN 1.7, I'll try it once it's installed. It might take a while! – Justin Mrkva Oct 16 '11 at 21:20
  • Okay, svnrdump failed because "Target server does not support atomic revision property edits" and "pre-revprop-change hook either failed or is nonexistent" and "error setting property 'rdump-lock'" etc. So that's not going to work. How would the other technique work (DVCS bridge) - say, with git 1.7? I haven't really done anything with git, let alone the git-SVN bridge. – Justin Mrkva Oct 16 '11 at 21:49
  • 1st error - mea culpa, don't read pre-req for svnrdump - it's 1.7 on target. pre-revprop-change hook must be added on server-side - is it possible? – Lazy Badger Oct 16 '11 at 22:12
  • No problem, at least now I'm on the latest version. ;) – Justin Mrkva Oct 16 '11 at 22:13
  • And no, the admins will not add the pre-revprop-change hook. They also won't upgrade the repos to 1.7... – Justin Mrkva Oct 16 '11 at 22:25

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