I'm trying to use VMware Player 4.0 to play my existing virtual machines (previously created using VMware Workstation, to which I don't have access anymore).

All works fine, but when the guest OS changes resolution to something like 320x200, I get a tiny rectangle in the center of my screen, which is unusable, because everything is so small and I can barely read text. My host OS screen resolution is 1600x900.

That applies both to windowed mode and "full-screen" mode, which isn't actually a full screen mode.

How can I force the tiny guest screen to be actually scaled to fit my physical screen?

It's occured to me that I could make my host OS resoultion much smaler before launching the player, and that would probably work, but it'd mess my desktop icons up.

I've also tried fitHostToGuest and fitGuestToHost, to no avail.

The guest OS is either Windiows XP or Windows 98SE (I have two VMs).
The host OS is Windows 7.


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