I needed to migrate from Linux to Windows recently. It means, I currently do not own any local enviroment.

I'm looking for sugestions. I have two possibilities:

  1. set up in office server
  2. buy a VPS

I’m PHP/RoR/Django web-programmer, I co-work with two other programmers.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid of buying VPS as my administration knowledge is quite limited. I can do anything except security stuff. However, next PC in small office might be an issue to.

What way would you choose? Can you help me choosing this decision?


Try using Linode.com, they've got a great VPS service, and they have excellent documentation on setting up an environment for all the things you're developing for.

  • I've decided to go with my own LAN server. Learned a lot and I'm very happy with results! – Steffen Nov 16 '11 at 10:34

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