In bash, you can kill words (Alt-Backspace) or lines (Ctrl-k), and yank them back later with C-y, and cycling the kill-ring with Alt-y.

Now when I'm using zsh, it is weird that Alt-y is not working (nothing happens when I press it), although I've set it to use emacs keybindings (bindkey -e).

Any ideas how to fix it?

zsh --version returns 4.3.12

bindkey | grep yank shows that yank-pop is already bound to ^[y (Alt-y).

UPDATED: debugging results

A. How do I test that Alt-y is not working?

  1. I type 'abc'
  2. I kill it by pressing Alt-Backspace
  3. I type 'efg'
  4. I kill it again by Alt-Backspace
  5. I press Ctrl-y to yank it back - and I got 'efg'
  6. I press Alt-y - and I should have got 'abc', but it remained as 'efg' - nothing happened.

B. M-x yank-pop is not working either.

C. I run zsh -f and bindkey -e. Then I try the debug process again - it works this time!

So I guess there must be something wrong with my .zshrc - I'm gonna bisect it out.

One ore thing to mention: I'm using the oh-my-ssh package with the following plugins enabled: git django extract gem heroku history-substring-search pip rvm

Thanks Gilles for the zsh -f trick - I didn't realize that the problem was in the configuration files.

  • It works for me. Where did you get your zsh binary? What happens if you run zsh -f? How exactly do you determine that M-y isn't working? What about M-x yank-pop? – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Oct 24 '11 at 22:18
  • @Gilles 1. I installed it from pacman -S 2. I've edited my question to include the debug results. Thanks very much. – Limbo Peng Oct 25 '11 at 23:56

After bisecting my .zshrc, I found that the problem was in the oh-my-ssh plugins, namely the history-substring-search plugin.

So I disabled it and ALT+Y works well.

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