I was wonder if someone could help me out, I've set up Google calendars so that i can access another persons calendar and it sync's to my android phone beautifully, i can see both my events and the other persons, even separates them into different colors.

So anyhow - now i go back to my mozilla thunderbird and it only ever downloads MY calendar and not the other persons? is this a limitation of the lightning plugin? does anyone know?



You have to add the other Google calendars separatly to Lighning. There is a url every calendar has (go to your calendar settings). Maybe the calendar is not public, then you have to authenticate with your eg. google account.

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Although you can add more than one calendar to Thunderbird/Lightning, all that will happen is that you will see the calendars displayed. To allow authentication of the different calendars, use the format https://user:pass@servername/bla/bla/calendar in the URL that you add when you create the calendar. This gives each calendar a unique "domain" in the eyes of TB/Lightning, to allow authentication to happen again for each new calendar.

There doesn't seem to be a way to see the free/busy status of the calendar owner though, which is quite shocking imho. What's the point of a calendar when you cannot share it / use what others have shared with you?

The big downside to doing it this way is that you need each user's logon credentials, making this only feasible in a small trusted environment, not anywhere else.

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  • To whoever downvoted my answer: Why?? Have you actually tested this? I have spent a great deal of time on this on over time and the description I've given is pretty accurate. So if you disagree, please comment here or provide your answer. – Lifeboy Aug 24 '17 at 15:25

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