This is extremely annoying:

I want to paste in a special symbol in Photoshop using the Character Viewer in Mac. I understand that there are some fonts that do not support these symbols, but when I paste this symbol in Photoshop, it appears as an unknown symbol (similar to this: ⊠ ), and I can't even change the font (to anything), it skips back to Myriad Pro.

I found a stupid solution to this: using the arrows to change fonts - this seems to work, but still Photoshop doesn't show all fonts that are available in Character Viewer under Font Variation

Have you experienced this? I can't remember if it was the same with Windows, but I know there were some bugs too.

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I can confirm that Trey's answer is correct, although he didn't really offer much explanation as to why. Photoshop locks the font unless you select a font that supports the character - in this case, Lucida Grande supports pretty much every character available on OS X so your best bet is to paste the character, then switch the font to Lucida Grande. Good luck!

Edit: Also try Menlo (included in OS X 10.6 and up) if Lucida Grande doesn't have the character you're looking for.


Photoshop passive-aggressively prevents you from selecting a font that does not contain the selected character. This is a regression from earlier versions, which would change the font but go on displaying the "unsupported" box.

Regardless, you just need to select a font that does support the character. Mac's Character Viewer (which, humorously, is not available from Photoshop) will show you all fonts that support your character in the "Font Variation" section:

screenshot of Character Viewer, with the upwards arrow character selected, showing the Font Variation section and the name of an appropriate font, in this case GungSeo Regular

In this example, selecting GungSeo Regular in Photoshop would work fine.

If this insanity bothers you, maybe throw some love on the Adobe Feedback entry entry for a Glyphs panel like the one in Illustrator.

  • Hilarious. I have been at this for hours and this random font is the only one that worked to paste a simple star.
    – Dex
    Apr 10, 2016 at 18:16

This won't work every time, but it has worked for me a few times when nothing else would. Try this:

Paste the Symbol from the Character Viewer into a word processing program (Word, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Copy the symbol from the word processing program and paste it into Photoshop from there.


Try using Lucida Grande. It has a bunch of special characters.

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