When I want to tether my Bluetooth phone (Motorola Droid X) to my Windows 7 laptop and use it as a modem, I go to "Devices and Printers," then right-click on the "Droid X" icon. (Of course, both devices are running Bluetooth, are paired, etc.)

About half the time, I get "Connect as > Access Point," which is great. It works wonderfully.

But the other half the time, I get a different menu, with "Modem Settings" and "Dial-up Networking >" etc. on it. There is no option to connect (tether). If I refresh, or go back later, sometimes I get the correct menu and can connect (however, sometimes I don't).

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. Does anyone know why this is, and how to consistently make my phone more "connectable"?


you can follow these steps.. 1. right click on bluetooth icon {it appears on right side tray on desktop next to audio and battery plgins}. 2. select show bluetooth devices . 3. now right click on your device there you go.

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