Pretty much the title says it all; is there a way to enable compatibility mode for all executables in a certain folder and all its subfolders, even those that don't yet exist (subfolders, as well as executables) without doing it manually (right click/properties/compatibility/...)?

Anything that would automate this process in a way would be useful ...


I doubt it can be done for not-yet-created filesystem objects, as it's probably a property of executables only and I can't see a mechanism for having it inherited on a folder.

What you should be able to do is write a batch script that recurses into a directory and sets compatibility mode on any executables it finds. Said file will need to modify the registry - there needs to be a string value in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers for each program to run in compatibility mode, with a value of the form oldWindowsVersion [setting [setting...]] [privilegeLevel] - see The "manually via the registry" part of this forum post for details.

You would still have to run it manually when new executables appeared, although you might be able to do something cunning with scheduled tasks.

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