Let me first state that I've tried searching MediaWiki's Website , Google, superuser, and stack overflow stackoverflow. In addition I've tried searching for a MediaWiki centric site, and the closest I came up with was this Area51 Proposal. Because this isn't programming related I've decided to post it here in superuser, should this be the wrong place please feel free to move it.

MediaWiki supports a version control concept with its articles which is great. However I'd like to take this one step further and have the ability to 'Branch' an article or a set of articles at a given time. A simple use case example of this would be that I have a MediaWiki setup to document our software, every time we branch a new version of our software it'd be nice to maintain two separate wikipages for each version of our software should it change drastically between versions.

As stated before a Google search and digging around in MediaWiki itself did not show any apparent ability to do this. A poor mans way of doing this would be to copy the contents of the article into a new page, however this would be time consuming and we'd lose all the existing revision history. This may end up needing to be a feature request for the kids down at MediaWiki.

Thank you.

Edit I probably should have mentioned that we're using MediaWiki 1.15.2, but we're not opposed to upgrading to the latest and greatest if the feature exists in a higher version.

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MediaWiki doesn't have this feature built-in, and templates (mentioned above) will unfortunately not help you with this particular task.

You'll need to install a MediaWiki extension to accomplish it. The main one i know of is Duplicator, which should work with your version of MW.

If you're unfamiliar with MW extensions, usually all you need to do is copy the files into the wiki extensions directory and then add a require_once() line (see link) to the end of your LocalSettings.php.

  • Thank you this is close to what I'm looking for, however the lack of a 'mass copy' ability has me still looking. I'll leave the question open a bit longer to see if anyone else has any suggestions. If nothing else happens I'll mark this as the answer.
    – aolszowka
    Oct 27, 2011 at 0:32

You have to use (with some adaptation) MediaWiki templates

  • I do not believe Templates will do what I want, we use them extensively and I believe you maybe referring to the transclusion feature, which will give you a duplicate of the page content as it exists. I want a separate copy.
    – aolszowka
    Oct 27, 2011 at 0:30
  • @aolszowka, there is really no difference. Every page can be transcluded; it becomes a "template" when it actually is. :) A page could contain the shared content and then each "branch" would contain the parts which differ.
    – Nemo
    Jul 15, 2015 at 11:17

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