When I install the JRE of OpenJDK 1.7 on Ubuntu 11.10 (or Xubuntu 11.10), it automatically installs OpenJDK 1.6. When now launching java -version on the console, version 1.6 is shown. How to install just OpenJDK 1.7 without OpenJDK 1.6?


It installs OpenJDK 1.6 because there is a dependency chain openjdk-7-jre -> libaccess-bridge-java-jni -> libaccess-bridge-java -> openjdk-6-jre. Without explicitly breaking the dependencies, there's little you can do here. You should file a bug for the too strict dependency of the libaccess-bridge-java package.

In the meantime, you can select which java version should be used with

sudo update-alternatives --config java
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